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The Following Is A List Of Dealers Known To Slab Chips, or Sell/Have Sold Slabbed Chips

    American Coin Club Grading Service

     (affiliated to if not part of Beverly Hills Coin Club below)
     Contact: Steve Dupont
     9899 Santa Monica Boulevard #151, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
     9903 Santa Monica Boulevard #951, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
     Email: info@accgs.org
     Website: www.accgs.org
     'Expert Graders': Henry Garrett (see below), Chris Aable
     and John Parker

    Beverly Hills Coin Club

     (see ACCGS above)
     Contact: David Carter
     9899 Santa Monica Boulevard #151, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
     Phone: (310) 668 9151

    Ebay seller 'crazy1centauctions'

     Beaverton, Oregon
     Ebay Id: crazy1centauctions

    TruGrade Services LLC

     (also trades as Bangor Coins & Collectibles LLC)
     32 Broadway, Bangor, PA 18013
     [610] 599-2837
     Email: trugrade@trugradeservice.com
     Website: www.trugradeservice.com
     Ebay Id: bangorbound2

    Star Grading Service (SGS)

     Larry Bence, Star Grading
     1610 State Routh 60 South, Ashland, OH 44805
     [419] 522-5346
     Email: lbence@abon.com
     Website: www.stargrading.org
     Ebay Id: (sells as aboncom - see entry below)

    Abon Enterprises (Eric Sparks)

     115 Park Avenue West, Mansfield, OH 44902
     [419] 522-5346
     Email: esparks@abon.com
     Website: www.abon.com
     Ebay Id: aboncom

    Sun State Coins and Collectibles

     Ebay Id: sunstatecoin-a1@worldnet.att.net
     Amazon Auctions Id: sscc2

    *Henry Garrett*

     P.O. Box 4334, North Hollywood Ca. 91617
     [818] 989-0760
     Ebay Id: Saveawhip

    Ric Chandgie of Piedmont Cards

     Greensboro, NC

    Mark Karoll

     Las Vegas, NV  (former cage-manager at 4Q casino)
     Email: MMK8@AOL.COM
     Ebay Id: tchungjinmay-may

    Kevin Bajraszewski

     117 Santeelah St. Apt A, Chatanooga, TN 37415
     Note: Possibly an outlet for PGS (listed below)
     Ebay Id: king_cards

    IGS International Grading Service (James & Judy
    was previously operating as PGS Professional Grading
    Service (Doug Moore)

     PO Box 60027, Chatanooga, TN 37406-0415
     Websites: www.pgsgrading.com; www.igsgrading.com
     Ebay Id: chipsone1, cartoons! & jcrcards
     (also formerly cardsonehockey)
     Other redundant ID's: cardsone1, cardsone2, cardsone3,
     cardsone4 - Postal address quoted on these ebay ID's is
     P.O. Box 5415 Chattanooga, TN 37406

    NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation)

     PO Box 4776, Saratosa, FL 34230
     Website: www.ngccoin.com

    Sahara Coins (Mark & Cheryl Scott)

     2580 So. Decatur Blvd.  Suite 1-B
     Las Vegas, NV 89102


    Jim and Heidi (Last name unknown)

     Gainesville, FL
     Yahoo Id: cantnbound
     Ebay Id: coins2cards

If you would like to be added to this list, or feel that you shouldn't be on this list, please click HERE and send an email to the Slabfree BoD members listed.