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Jim Reilly
Box 1338
Mill Valley, CA 94942
2007 CC&GTCC BoD Elections.

The 5 officers of the Slabfree Club have voted unanimously to endorse the following people in the 2007 elections. We urge all Slabfree Club members to vote in the elections. We do not speak for the 'Pledge' list, but we do urge all those on the list to vote.

Wayne Thompson - President
Jay Sands - Vice President
Belinda Hixon - Secretary
Sunday Silverman - Membership Officer
Doug Smith - Treasurer

Welcome to the Slabfree Club.

Many new and prospective collectors are asking why they should not buy slabbed chips.  Please take the opportunity to browse this site and understand why slabbing is bad for our hobby.

You are encouraged to add your name to the pledge or even join the slabfree club to support us.  Membership of the Slabfree Club is open to all.  There is no connection between membership and 'the pledge'.  Members do not have to sign the pledge.  Non-members can sign the pledge.  Neither the Slabfree Club nor the pledge have any connection with the CC&GTCC.

Please let us know if you are aware of any dealers selling slabbed chips that are not already on our list.

The Slabfree Club Board consists of the 5 officers listed on the left.

David Spragg

Vice President
Gene Trimble
Amy Andrae
4 Shelter View Ct
Wilder, KY 41076
Contact Amy for Membership
$5.00 Lifetime Membership
Robert Touts
Officer at Large
Bryan Jimison